What Twitter IS and what Twitter ISN’T


Consider this thought for a moment: If all the worlds mediums were attached to one another by string, Twitter would be the string. Recently, there has been much coverage and attention being paid to social media platform growth, in particular, the current flat-line growth of Twitter. Spurring us to consider…

What Twitter IS and what Twitter ISN’T.

Twitter Is…

-Perhaps one of the most prolific, real-time and easily accessible communication channels developed in our lifetime. It has the power to connect any and all who may be participating

-A micro-blogging channel for hyper-sharing of news & opinion

-A customer service listening tool and a voice for brands & consumers alike

-A campaign channel to draw attention for your brand, launch new products and/or services at scale and at a relatively speaking, low cost

-A vehicle that readily and handily lends itself to influencer marketing

-A cattle-driver of sorts, in that it is used to drive attention to any and all other mediums for which a particular brand, business, service, municipality, institution or media outlet desires to connect

-A “Promoters” promoter

-A vehicle to drive users/consumers to other, more robust commerce platforms

Twitter Isn’t…

-An effective commerce platform in terms of monetizing actual purchases of goods and services

And really, should it be? Twitter’s 3 main sources of revenue are: Promoted Tweets, Promoted Trends and Promoted Handles. They promote the “promoter,” who in turn sells the goods. Need there be a “buy” button on Twitter or merely an introduction to the “buy” button of a particular purveyor of goods?

We’d argue NO. We’d suggest that Twitter need not “sell” anything, other than “voice” and “promotion.” What twitter is superb at doing is everything that it IS. Should they really spend time trying to be all things to all people? Or will that ultimately result in what has made it unique, flat-lining?

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