7 marketing tips for companies in Naples, Florida to give them a fighting chance!

Because of what is happening nationally as well as globally, marketing and the way we market is being adversely affected. Because of the challenges that we face I have decided to provide you with resources that will help you. keep in mind though, if you are a resident of the south west Florida area, you face an additional challenge in that the housing market is getting hammered and thus this is affecting purchasing decisions as well as decisions that can affect your small to medium sized business. truly have the words never resonated more with business owners on how they best can market in a bad economy!

Here are 7 things to get you thinking about what you can do.

1) You have to make sure that you are leveraging ever aspect of marketing. i.e. print, internet, WOM, direct mail, direct response, social media and search marketing.

2) Make sure you are listening. Marketing in a good economy is no better or easier than a bad economy, so you need to listen, to read and to pay attention to industry experts. There are tools that can help you listen.

3) You would network if you were lookng for a job, so why not network in a bad economy?

4) Cross promote and partner with companies with noncompeting products

5) Offer incentives and promote, create a community around your product.

6) Are you using the power of new media?

7) Are you using the power of FREE?

There are lots more for you that can help you and your business, if you need more, or if you want me to find out what’s going on and what are the specific challenges you are facing, call or email me or just respond to this blog.

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